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High-Quality Math Programming

Onsite + Online


Here at Math Refresh, we believe EVERYONE can do math...not just the nerds, the gifted kids, or mathematical prodigies! 


Practicing math helps us to become creative thinkers, analysts, investigators, pattern-makers, and problem-solvers. Our sessions are designed with a fresh look and feel to math class, using relatable, real-world applications to strengthen skills and build confidence.

Our goal is to make math fresh, real, fun, and maybe! :D

We're excited to have you a part of the Math Refresh community!


Our Mission

From pre-teen to college years, Math Refresh provides the resources for every student to become a CONFIDENT, INQUISITIVE, and SELF-MOTIVATED LEARNER for life.

Math Refresh exists to help students be successful in all levels of mathematics. We take a unique and innovative approach to connecting students with the material through real-world applications. We aim to take the frustration out of math for students deeply desiring to be successful.

Our teachers are warm and engaging role models, focused on helping students gain confidence and understanding. Teachers are offered a community where they can share their passion and expertise in a rewarding manner for competitive pay and flexibility of scheduling. 

We treat everyone in the community with dignity and respect and are friendly neighbors with businesses and schools. We aim to support local businesses and to be active members of our communities. 

Our success depends on our consideration of our students, teachers, and community and helping them prosper.

Our Values

Our goal is that everything we do lives up to the Math Refresh values. They are at our core and guide us in working with families, partnering with businesses, engaging in our community, and in interacting with each other. 

We’ve created our core values as a reflection of the individuals who make up the Math Refresh community. Through:







we have created a community where people can blossom, ideas can flourish, and success can thrive. 

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Some of our happy clients

My daughter has been struggling with math for quite some time. When I contacted Jacqueline, she responded promptly, and we scheduled a meeting that same week. When I told my daughter that she was going to start working with a tutor, she was hesitant (to say the least). At the time, she was harboring a great sense of dread with all things math. When we met with Jacqueline, she immediately put my daughter at ease. Jacqueline has a thorough understanding of the curriculum and has proven to be a highly skilled and patient teacher. After several sessions, my daughter is visibly more confident and actually looks forward to their meeting. I have no doubt that Jacqueline genuinely cares about my daughter’s development.

Neisha C.

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